Our services

Use of progression techniques on next strings the IRATA standard International :

Maintenance and painting work
Visual inspection
Carrying out non-destructive testing (C.F.P.T.TMUTACFM)

Notable project

In 2018, ATIS was selected after a call for tenders to carry out maintenance and inspection work on the Eiffel Tower.



  • Structural integrity
  • Condition of the coating
  • Thickness measurements


Maintenance :


  • Paint refinishing
  • Lubrication
  • Replacement
  • Welding

Our rope access technicians

Master the techniques and practices of the rope access activity is fundamental to successfully carrying out rope operations.

Our staff is authorized to carry out all types of work on ropes and at height, in complete safety.

Passionate about their profession, the members of the Inspection team will be able to find an effective method of operation to solve your problems.